The Tale of Asena


I think for my first post, it’s only fitting I share a quick story behind the name.

Of course, my name is not really Asena, but when I first heard it, I was mesmerized. The simple ring of it leaves a harmonious impression on the mind. Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on pseudonyms-hell if there ever was one-but I personally feel names should suit not only the author, but the nature of one’s work as well. (Speaking of, I found a clever name on, a non-profit archive of free erotica stories; Hugh Cox. Made me laugh when it finally hit me…The pun, of course. Not Hugh Cox.)

The legend of the gray wolf is a creationist myth. Asena is the mother wolf who had rescued a child in the Northern region of China from raiders. Nursing him back to health, she eventually gave birth to his children; human-wolf hybrids who the ancient Turkish people would come to call ancestors.

There are probably as many creationist stories revolving around wolves as there are wolf enthusiasts, but I think Asena’s story is among the lesser told and more mysterious.


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