A Catamite’s Love is Out!


Art by Asena Margrave

A Catamite’s Love is downloadable for free as a PDF here: ACatamitesLove_AsenaMargrave. (Right Click link, then Save As) If you enjoyed the read, I ask you to please consider purchasing it via Amazon.com for $0.99 or leaving a comment/review!

Purchase here: A Catamite’s Love


Slave-born Nihilus has but one duty: to pleasure. While his fellow catamites have long since become jaded by the cruelty of men’s lust, hope for finding true love remains in Nihilus’ heart. He prays for the day the gods would grant him the love of one man and, perhaps, his freedom from a life squandered in the brothel. And when the late night arrives, bringing with it a cohort of Roman centurions bound for war, Nihilus realizes his prayers may yet be answered…

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